Vasilevskiy proving he’s the NHL's #1 goalie

Connor Hellebuyck took home the Vezina Trophy this week as the league's top goaltender for 2019-20, but Andrei Vasilevskiy is leaving little doubt as to who the best in the world is during these playoffs.

Even though Hellebuyck may have the hardware, Vasilevskiy is proving he should be the...    read more

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Dallas Tampa Bay 8:00 PM ET

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Tomorrow's Goalies

Last update: September 26th @ 2:18pm EDT Order by: Game TimesLast UpdatedProbability
Anton Khudobin (--)
Confirmed @ 2:18pm EDT
Schedule date: 2020-09-26
2:19pmAnton Khudobin starts for Dallas tonight. (Chris Johnston)

Andrei Vasilevskiy (--)
Likely @ 9:18am EDT - Sep 25th
Schedule date: 2020-09-26
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