Debut, Hot and Cold Goalies and Injuries

Good morning readers, an excited @KINGTUNA4 here with this week\'s goalie ramblings. Before we jump into that, congratulations goes out to my San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. This is going to be one heck of a Super Bowl in two weeks.

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- Upgrade Goalies for playoffs (Jan 23 11:09pm EST)
- Dubnyk or Crawford rest of season ? (Jan 23 9:31pm EST)
- Korpisalo, Ullmark, Khudobin, Talbot or Smith? (Wire Grab) (Jan 23 6:21pm EST)
- Between Connor Hellebuyck or Freddy Anderson, which is most likely to turn around their slump and dominate in the 2nd half? (Jan 23 2:52pm EST)
- Goalie Prospects (Jan 23 9:34am EST)
- Is Kuemper healthy? (Jan 23 7:57am EST)
-Varlamov has another solid outing
-Hutchinson waived
-Allen to play full game
-Top 100 Keeper League Goalies - December 2019
-How are Western Conference Goalies Faring?

Today's Starting Goalies

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