How Are Western Conference Goalies Faring?

Nov 14th 2017, 12:17am EST

An Early Look at Goalie Performances in the West

By Kevin Wickersham

We\'re a little over a month into the campaign so let\'s take a look at how the West\'s goalies have performed thus far. Much is prone to change, but from a fantasy perspective (obviously dependent on your league\'s settings) consider this a loose ranking of early returns that could flip wildly in the upcoming week or two.

Some of these stats will be impacted by the Sunday night Kings/Sharks game that ends too late for many of us out east to include.

Corey Crawford Chicago

Crawford\'s numbers took a big hit after a stinker (six goals in two periods) against New Jersey Sunday night. His peripheral stats (2.21 GAA, .932 SV% - both still tops in the league) look great but his 7-7-0 record isn\'t quite as attractive. Perhaps Chicago\'s defensive support (34:09-foot average shot next to last in the league, and 33.8 shots against per game - tied for fourth-worst) is a contributing factor, but as a club they\'ve still yielded the ninth-least goals per game at 2.72. Combined with scoring 2.94 per game this can work, but a larger margin would help them surpass their mediocre 8-8-2 record. Kudos to Crawford for excelling in such circumstances.

Jonathan Quick Los Angeles

The Kings are still stingy. They\'re tied for second in the league with 2.44 goals-against per-game but have allowed the ninth-most shots per game at 33.1. Quick is excelling though (top-five in wins, GAA, and SV% with a 9-3-1, 2.29, .932 line and two shutouts) after missing much of last season. With the West\'s second-best record and recharged scoring led by the potent Kopitar-Brown-Iaffalo line, if LA can sustain anywhere near their 11-3-2 record Quick will continue to rack up the wins and peripheral stat excellence.

Pekka Rinne Nashville

Even after yielding four goals to Pittsburgh Saturday night Rinne still is near the top of the goalie leaderboard in most categories. Now at 8-2-2 with a .929 save percentage (fourth in the league) and 2.23 goals-against (second to Crawford) the recently-turned 35-year-old doesn\'t appear to be slowing down or giving any ground to backup Juuse Saros who\'s sputtered to a 1-3-0, 3.93, .855 start. The Nashville defense has done its part as Rinne isn\'t comparatively facing tons of shots with 31.3 per 60 minutes, although they have been taken from relatively short range (35.39 feet out on average). We\'ll see if he can keep up this pace over the long haul, but currently Rinne\'s one of the league\'s best in net.

Martin Jones San Jose

Jones\' 7-4-0, 2.24 (ranked 4th), .922 (ranked 10th) marks are all solid but could be supplemented with a few more offense-enhanced wins as San Jose\'s 2.73 average goals per game stands at 22nd in the league. Thanks to their league-best 2.31 goals-against, and second best 28.9 average shots per game allowed they\'ve jumped out to a 9-6-0 start after a rough first two weeks. Jones has got in a great deal of work in the last two campaigns, first with a trip to the Cup Finals then a first-round ouster last year topping consecutive 65-game regular seasons, but with backup Aaron Dell starting another year impressively (2-2-0, 1.94, .934) more rest is possible. That would likely help Jones\' peripherals but slightly impact his win and save totals.

Connor Hellebuyck Winnipeg

Last year wasn\'t great (2.89 and .907 despite a 26-19-4 record), but so far 2017-18 has been for Winnipeg\'s 24-year-old netminder. Facing a camp battle from free-agent Philly import Steve Mason for the starting spot, Hellebuyck\'s stormed out to an 8-1-2 record and impressive .926 save percentage ranked sixth-best among regular NHL starters. Perhaps it\'s at least partially a testament to the Jet defense, holding Hellebuyck\'s opponents to a 39.23-foot average shot third-farthest among regular starters. His 2.44 goals-against ranks ninth in the league to boot.

Mike Smith Calgary

The move north has been great 15 games in for Smith whose .924 save percentage, while ranking an impressive 8th amid other regular NHL starters, has been accomplished while facing 497 shots, second-most in the league to Toronto\'s Frederick Andersen. That\'s an average of 33.4 per 60 minutes - a workload he\'s used to after toiling in Arizona over the last seven campaigns, but for the most part he\'s getting different results. His nine win total has him among league leaders. That, along with a stable net presence lacking in southern Alberta for year, offsets a non-spectacular 2.55 goals-against. Digging a bit deeper, Smith\'s numbers are all the more impressive considering he\'s facing a relatively short average shot distance of 35.02 feet ranked 22 out of 29 goalies having played at least 10 games. And his 9-6-0 record is pretty good too.

Jake Allen St. Louis

Allen\'s benefited from playing with the winningest team in the West as the Blues have charged out to a 13-4-1 mark. Their number one goalie has collected nine victories amid okay but not stellar 2.59 goals-against and .914 save percentage marks. Thanks to St. Louis\' 3.11 goals per game that\'s been good enough. Sporting a career .915 mark the save percentage is about normal, but at this early stage Allen\'s goals-against is slightly worse than his 2.39 career average. Carter Hutton at number two has highly impressed with a 4-0-0, 1.71. .943 line and should be a reliable source of rest without threatening Allen\'s starting role. The Blues\' defense has been a allowing the seventh fewest shots per game at 30.6 (30.3 per 60 minutes with Allen in goal).

Fleury/Subban/Dansk/Lagace Vegas

There are many variables at play here, beginning with Marc-Andre Fleury\'s return date and including the longevity of the Knights\' successful inaugural run. While his return is uncertain, their assumed number one goalie began skating this week and speculation has him coming back before long. You never know with concussions though. His performance through four games was solid (3-1-0, 2.48, .925). Malcom Subban\'s following three-game totals (2-0-0, 2.06, .936) similarly impressed, which begat Oscar Dansk\'s superb 3-0-0, 1.78, .946. Both look at least a few weeks away, but Maxime Lagace has avoided complete disaster in the interim. As Vegas\' all-time leader in games in goal, Lagace\'s seven contests have yielded an ugly 2-4-0, 3.58, .876 skewed by nine goals allowed in his first 85 NHL minutes at the beginning of the franchise\'s first East Coast swing. Through it all, Vegas is tied for the conference\'s third-best point total with 21 and 10-5-1 record. Their defense has been a constant with 2.81 goals-against per game and 31.8 shots-against per game averages in the upper half of NHL clubs. Couple that with the NHL\'s fourth-best scoring at 3.56 per game and you have success. Here\'s betting Fleury ultimately regains the top spot on a promising but eventually slowing VGK squad and provides solid value in the middle of the poolie pack.

Ben Bishop Dallas

With Keri Lehtonen backing him up, Bishop is locked into a starting role that should net 60-65 starts. The early returns from their prized free agent acquisition have been good (7-4-0, 2.48, .915) and will improve if Dallas gets it in gear. They have the promise of a better than 9-7-0 squad if their Benn Seguin Radulov-based offense can get untracked. Currently tied for 13th with 2.94 goals per-game they have the potential for much more, but a top-heavy club somewhat surprisingly led by blueliner John Klingberg\'s 18 points (four goals, 14 assists) hasn\'t seen much depth help. The Stars\' defense is improved though. No doubt that has much to do with Bishop, but their eighth-best 2.69 goals per-game average is a vast improvement over last year\'s second-worst 3.17 mark fronting the Lehtonen/Antti Niemi tandem. They\'ve also pushed back the average shot distance their top goalies have faced from Lehtonen\'s 32.94 feet (the league\'s third-closest) in 59 starts in 2016-17, to Bishop\'s current ninth-farthest at 37.18 feet. Expect Bishop\'s production and value to keep moving upward.

Devan Dubnyk Minnesota

Like the rest of the Wild, Dubnyk has slogged through an injury-marred first month-plus as his 6-6-1, 2.55, .920 numbers seem much more human than those he put up in last year\'s outstanding start. Opponent shots are still taken far from the net as he faces a league-best 40.12 foot average distance, and after his second consecutive shutout Saturday night to get the club to .500 (7-7-2) things seem pointed in the right direction. While their scoring hasn\'t quite clicked yet at 2.88 goals per game, far below last year\'s NHL second-best 3.21 average, the productive returns of Nino Niederreiter and Mikael Granlund from injury have spurred more wins. Eventual appearances from Charlie Coyle (fibula fracture) and Zach Parise (back surgery) should help Dubnyk\'s numbers further spike.

Jacob Markstrom - Vancouver

Markstrom\'s been a key piece in the Canucks\' surprising start with a 5-6-2 record, .913 save percentage and 2.52 goals-against. Not monster numbers, but better than most expected in his first year as the clear number one. He\'s getting support from the Vancouver defense who\'s allowing just 28.99 shots per game, at an average distance of 37.91 feet (sixth best in the league) with Markstrom in net. Backed up by impressive work from Anders Nilsson (3-1-0, 1.88, .943, and two shutouts) he likely won\'t be overloaded with work, but may risk the top spot should things slip.

John Gibson Anaheim

The Ducks\' top netminder has been plagued by injuries, both his and the team\'s, in this early going. The injury report is ridiculous: Vatanen, Getzlaf, Ritchie, Kase, Getzlaf again, Eaves, Fowler, Getzlaf again, Kase again, Gibson, Bieksa, Miller, Miller again, Lindholm, Boll, Kesler, and Gibson again. These are just the ones I can recall. Anaheim has managed a 7-7-3 record and is within two points of seven other clubs in the West, but their usual shut down defense isn\'t fully operable having allowed 2.88 goals per game, tied for 16th in the league, and the third most shots per game (most in the West) at 34.5. That hasn\'t helped Gibson. We\'re accustomed to some impressive numbers amid frequent injuries (25-16-9, 2.22, .924 in 2016-17) that have yet to surface. While the .917 save percentage isn\'t bad and 5-6-1 record isn\'t awful, the 2.90 goals against is. I bet things will turn around, but with the injury risk to Gibson and the other Ducks I\'m not sure I\'d bet the mortgage on it.

Cam Talbot Edmonton

The Oilers\' workhorse is having a rough go of it in the first month-plus of 2017-18. He\'s again among NHL leaders with 15 starts, but his 6-8-1 record, 2.90 goals-against and .912 save percentage are surprisingly off. It\'s not as surprising though when your club, considered Cup favorites in many circles, has fewer points than all but Arizona in the West. They do seem gaining momentum (three wins and an overtime loss in their last six contests) which should give Talbot\'s fantasy value a boost if it sustains. Defensively they still seem affected by Andrej Sekera\'s absence allowing 32.1 shots per game, up from 29.5 last year. They are helping Talbot enjoy the seventh-best average shot distance though at 37.44 feet, much better than the 33.52 foot mark he contended with last year, ranking 28 out of 32 goalies playing 40 games or more. So Edmonton\'s defense is a mixed bag. But their scoring is way down from 2.96 goals per-game to 2.31 worst in the NHL. If that gets corrected expect a more successful Oilers squad including Talbot.

Semyon Varlamov - Colorado

The Avalanche burst out of the gate with a better-than-expected 8-6-1 record but they are still giving up tons of goals. You can blame the defense or the goalies, or both for allowing 51 of them (placing them in the league\'s bottom 10) but one result has been an ugly 3.18, .908 line for Varlamov. Since they\'ve also scored 51 goals, there\'s a silver lining as he\'s registered a 6-3-1 record, but facing the league\'s third-shortest average shot distance at 34.38 feet one has to wonder if wins will continue to flow as frequently. Varlamov\'s also stood up to a sizable average of 34.5 shots per 60 minutes.

Antti Raanta Arizona

While the Coyotes have been looking slightly better of late, their 2-14-3 record is dreadful. After returning from injury Raanta has been respectable in net with a 2.20 goals-against and 1-2-1 record in his last four. That includes a shootout loss to the West\'s best St. Louis Blues. While Arizona allows a not-completely awful 32.7 shots per game (20th in the league) it will be tough to right the ship as long as blueliners Niklas Hjalmarsson and, for a longer period of time Jacob Chychrun are out. The end result should be an ugly win-loss record for Raanta with a middling goals-against average and save percentage. I\'d expect his overall 1-4-2, 2.90, .913 to creep upward a bit, but Raanta is still not one your better poolie options for the time being.

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By Brian Lemenager (@WeakGloveSide) Teams to Avoid The playoffs are here for standard 12 man Yahoo! Leagues, so matchups matter now more than ever. I tweet out what matchups I like daily from @WeakGloveSide, and if you follow you probably notice the trends of teams I like to start against and ones I avoid.
Mar 14th 2016, 12:46pm EDT
Since The Trade Deadline . . .
By Brian Lemenager (@WeakGloveSide) The trade Deadline is one of the biggest days in the NHL as it gives teams one last opportunity to bolster their rosters for a playoff push. While this year's deadline was a bit quieter than past years, a number of teams made significant additions to their team that should impact how you view them when choosing matchups for goalies.
Mar 7th 2016, 1:08pm EST
Surging Into the Playoffs
By Brian Lemenager Playoffs are only two weeks away for standard Yahoo leagues and getting hot at the right time is just as important in fantasy as it is in the NHL. So for those looking to make a push for that playoff spot I\'ve organized the top goalies by Yahoo season long ranking and provided their stats over the month of February to give you an idea of who to utilize for your late season push.
Feb 29th 2016, 1:00pm EST
Surging Into the Playoffs
Playoffs are only two weeks away for standard Yahoo leagues and getting hot at the right time is just as important in fantasy as it is in the NHL. So for those looking to make a push for that playoff spot I\'ve organized the top goalies by Yahoo season long ranking and provided their stats over the month of February to give you an idea of who to utilize for your late season push.
Feb 29th 2016, 12:57pm EST
Goals Saved Above Average
By Brian Lemenager (@WeakGloveSide) A few weeks ago I wrote an article about Quality Starts by goalies and argued that some goalies may just be suffering from bad teams in front of them. After looking at home and away save percentages last week I wanted to return to that idea and present a different statistic that measured the topic in a similar manner.
Feb 22nd 2016, 11:02am EST
Home vs Away
By Brian Lemenager (@WeakGloveSide) In sports, the common thought is teams perform better when playing in their own stadium. Whether it's due to familiarity, the fan support or the comfort of a certain routine I think most can agree it generally holds true.
Feb 15th 2016, 9:32am EST
The Correlation Between PDO and Possession Metrics
By Teri Chazau (@terichazau) With the advanced stats community continuing to grow and gain influence, it is important now more than ever to understand how these statistics play off of each other. Even when stats seem to stack in a certain team's favor, you have to understand how in practice things might not play out as such.
Feb 10th 2016, 11:41pm EST
Quality Starts
By Brian Lemenager (@WeakGloveSide) Last week, I tweeted what I thought was an interesting stat from @WeakGloveSide about the Devils and Cory Schneider. Up to the All Star Break, when Schneider was starting and the Devils scored more than one goal they were 22-1-3.
Feb 8th 2016, 8:44pm EST
Goaliepost Ramblings for Feb.7, '16
By Jason Banks So lots to discuss since we are past the All-Star showcase, let's dive into one of two non-recognized holidays for hockey fans, The Deadline. All year there are lots of rumors of goalies losing jobs and needing to move, but very few places to go.
Feb 7th 2016, 12:55pm EST
Why Jon Quick is the Best Goalie in Keeper Leagues
By Teri Chazau (@terichazau) Since the NHL began tracking advanced stats, the Los Angeles Kings have put on a clinic in dominating the charts. Three of the past four seasons, including the current one, the Kings have ranked first in the league in possession numbers.
Feb 4th 2016, 7:05pm EST
Goalie Starts for the Rest of the Season
By Brian Lemenager (@WeakGloveSide) The All-Star game limited the games on the NHL slate this week but I wanted to provide a simple breakdown of the remainder of the season. This article will be more useful for those in points only leagues where number of starts matter more, but it also could be valuable to those looking to make some moves before the deadline in their respective league.
Feb 1st 2016, 9:38am EST
Team Offense Rankings
By Teri Chazau (@terichazau) To supplement last week's team defense article, this week we will look at what teams sport the most dangerous offenses in the league from a daily fantasy standpoint by looking at how many shots they take for each goal they score. The teams at the top should be avoided in matchups as they leave goaltenders little opportunity to compensate for the points lost for goals against.
Jan 28th 2016, 12:02pm EST
Goalie Save % By Shot Danger
By Brian Lemenager (@WeakGloveSide) Last week, @terichazau introduced the idea that when looking at the ratio of shots against per goals against, we can determine the quality of shots a team surrenders. The higher average number of shots to goals, the lower quality of chances.
Jan 25th 2016, 12:56am EST
Team Defense Rankings
By Teri Chazau (@terichazau) It seems like every week I find a way to mention how team defense is just as if not more important than goalies themselves when picking netminders for both daily and season long fantasy play. This week, I will rank each team based on a simplification of their team defense.
Jan 21st 2016, 12:11am EST
Second Half Projections
By Teri Chazau (@Terichazau) When it comes to a goalie in fantasy hockey, the team around him often can be more important than the goaltender himself. In this article, I'm going to look at teams whose goaltenders could benefit from improved play in the second half of the season, as well as those you should expect to regress.
Jan 14th 2016, 12:12am EST
Capitalizing on Rink Stat Biases
By Teri Chazau (@terichazau) In any kind of fantasy matchup, the difference between a win and a loss can come down to a single shot or a single block. With such a small margin for error, it is critical that you take advantage of all the information available to you on any given night.
Jan 7th 2016, 1:09am EST
Advanced Stats NHL Context
By Brian Lemenager (@WeakGloveSide) Given @terichazau recent introduction of some advanced statistics used to evaluate both individual players and teams, I figured it best to give some context to those statistics. I'll start with PDO.
Jan 4th 2016, 11:14am EST
Advanced Statistics 200
By Teri Chazau (@terichazau) After covering the basics of possession numbers in last week's article, it's time to delve deeper into the world of advanced statistics. Too often I see supposed authorities of sports writing stipulating about the implications of certain stats only to recognize that they really don't know what they're talking about.
Dec 30th 2015, 11:01pm EST
Advanced Statistics 101
By Teri Chazau (@terichazau) With advanced statistics continuing to grow in popularity, they have managed to creep onto the fantasy scene as well. Consequently, I wanted to educate our audience with a little introduction to advanced statistics, also known as possession statistics, so that you may apply them when considering players of any position for your roster.
Dec 24th 2015, 11:12am EST
Hot or Not
By Brian Lemenager (@WeakGloveSide) This week I look at how goalies have been playing the past month. We\'re moving into the heart of the NHL season and teams should be settling in to who they are and forming their identity.
Dec 21st 2015, 11:27am EST
Why The Butterfly Is So Effective
By Teri Chazau (@terichazau) It seems crazy to think that mere decades ago the butterfly was not a technique. It took a series of events, beginning with the introduction of the goalie mask and culminating in the likes of Vladislav Tretiak and Patrick Roy, to cement the butterfly as a legitimate style of goaltending.
Dec 17th 2015, 9:14am EST
Best Teams for Goalie Starts
By Brian Lemenager (@WeakGloveSide) Drafting the best players is important in every fantasy league. However, exploiting matchups allows owners to squeeze the best out of their rosters and maximize success over the course of the season.
Dec 14th 2015, 9:01am EST
In Search Of More Goals
By Teri Chazau (@terichazau) It's obvious at this point how the NHL views its profits more goals = more fans = more money. Changes dating back to the 2004-05 lockout have largely entailed an eye for more scoring.
Dec 10th 2015, 9:23am EST
3 Stars of the Week & Looking Ahead
By Brian Lemenager (@WeakGloveSide) 3: Garret Sparks & his pads Sparks posted a shutout in his first career NHL start and did so in style rocking some of the best pads I've seen to date. He stumbled in his second start against Winnipeg surrendering 6 goals but he was able to rebound against the Blues, stopping 27 of 28 shots and winning his second game in three starts.
Dec 7th 2015, 9:11am EST
Hidden Gems in Net for Season Long Fantasy
By Teri Chazau (@terichazau) #1 Michael Neuvirth (PHI) five wins, . 939 save %, 3 shutouts The Flyers have been a slow starting team in recent years but always seem to turn on the jets as the season wears on, soyou can expect some offensive support to Neuvirth's stellar numbers thus far.
Dec 3rd 2015, 9:41am EST
November 4 Goalie Ramblings
Just a few ramblings and notes from around the league: We will start off in Calgary where they are a mess in net. Hiller is gone for at least another few days and Ramo has called up from the dead and started the last two games where he's given up 4 and 5 goals, respectively.
Nov 4th 2015, 10:02am EST
November 4 Goalie Ramblings
Just a few ramblings and notes from around the league: We will start off in Calgary where they are a mess in net. Hiller is gone for at least another few days and Ramo has called up from the dead and started the last two games where he's given up 4 and 5 goals, respectively.
Nov 4th 2015, 10:01am EST
November 4 Goalie Ramblings
Just a few ramblings and notes from around the league: We will start off in Calgary where they/\'re a mess in net. Hiller is gone for at least another few days and Ramo has called up from the dead and started the last two games where he\'s given up 4 and 5 goals, respectively.
Nov 4th 2015, 9:49am EST
September 11, 2015
Big announcement! For the first time ever, Goalie Post is offering FREE email notifications. Yep.
Sep 11th 2015, 5:26pm EDT
Goalie Post Ramblings Feb 10, 2015
By Jake Schenkman Just some quick notes regarding some goalie tandems around the league. .
Feb 10th 2015, 10:31am EST
Goalie Post Ramblings Jan 21, 2015
By Jason Banks We are nearing the all-star break, leading into deadline transactions and we are starting to see interesting situations develop. Ryan Miller is trucking along, at an elite pace since late-December.
Jan 21st 2015, 10:30am EST
Goalie Post Ramblings Jan 8, 2015
By Jason Banks Welcome back all to a new year and a time to heat up down the stretch before the trade deadline! We have to start with Semyon Varlamov after his huge 54 save shutout vs Chicago last night. As impressive as he was last season with 41 wins, last season he only compiled a pair of shutouts, while last night\'s blanking was his third in only 21 games.
Jan 8th 2015, 8:39am EST
Goalie Post Ramblings Dec 30, 2014
By Jake Schenkman Here's a few updates on happenings around the league: Brian Elliott will be back in the crease tonight after Brodeur got a shutout last night. Hitchcock hinted that they'll be carrying 3 goalies for now but it seems like Brodeur will be gone sooner rather than later, and I just don't see another team taking him unless they're desperate.
Dec 30th 2014, 11:40am EST
Goalie Post Ramblings Dec 19, 2014
By Jake Schenkman Just some quick notes on some goalie injuries and some possible extra starts. Doesn't seem like Bishop's injury is long term as the coach has said there's a shot he'll be back Tuesday.
Dec 19th 2014, 11:12am EST
Goalie Post Ramblings: Dec 10 2014
By Jason Banks Happy Wednesday all, Shall we start on Pekka Rinne? How has this guy been?! Many were selling due to his hip issues which usually sound like a career killer, but if you were lucky enough to be at the last DobberHockey event, you would have known better and attempted to buy low. Justin Goldman explained the hip issue Rinne had been suffering and discussed how the procedure would actually make him more flexible and stronger in net.
Dec 10th 2014, 8:58am EST
Goaliepost Ramblings: Dec 5 2014
By Jason Banks Happy December everyone, By now we are all into the eighth week of fantasy and it is time to start solving major team problems, there have been several moves in the past few days that could throw Band-Aids on your goaltending problems or create some. Up there with Josh Harding breaking his foot kicking a wall, Corey Crawford hurts his foot stumbling leaving a Rise Against concert.
Dec 4th 2014, 10:22am EST
Goalie Post Ramblings: Nov 26th 2014
Hello all, Jason Banks here, Dobber and co. have called me up to help watch over the world of netminding for fantasy poolies.
Nov 26th 2014, 1:32pm EST
Monday Night Review
By Jake Schenkman So Fleury becomes the third youngest goalie to get to 300 wins. I can't see I saw that coming but good for him as this is a big accomplishment and he's having a fantastic year.
Nov 25th 2014, 12:27am EST
Throwback Thursday
By Jake Schenkman Reminder that the Sabres-Rangers game that was scheduled for tonight has been postponed due to the storm in Buffalo. As of now, there has been no make up date announced.
Nov 21st 2014, 1:11am EST
Quiet Wednesday in Hockey
Cam Talbot had 30 saves in a shutout win for the Rangers against Steve Mason and the Flyers. Mason could not be faulted at all in this one and actually kept it close for the most part.
Nov 20th 2014, 9:01am EST
Sunday Night Ramblings
By Jake Schenkman Talk about making your NHL debut in style. Troy Grosenick had a 45 save shutout in his NHL debut against Khudobin and the Hurricanes.
Nov 17th 2014, 12:31am EST
Saturday Night Goalie Review
By Jake Schenkman - Rask brought the Bruins back in the win column with 33 saves over the Canes. Ward had a decent game, and while Khudobin will start today, Ward will be right back in next game.
Nov 16th 2014, 11:37am EST
Throwback Thursday
We start off with the Varlamov and the Avs beating Lundqvist and the Rangers. I am kind of surprised with this as I thought the Rangers were turning it around and Lundqvist had his A game going but Varlamov was great in this one and pretty much stole the two points for the Avs.
Nov 14th 2014, 9:23am EST
Throwback Thursday
We start off with the Varlamov and the Avs beating Lundqvist and the Rangers. I am kind of surprised with this as I thought the Rangers were turning it around and Lundqvist had his A game going but Varlamov was great in this one and pretty much stole the two points for the Avs.
Nov 14th 2014, 9:22am EST
Tuesday Night Specials
By Jake Schenkman The Devils were led back in the win column by Schneider last night. After a couple bad games, he made at least four spectacular saves last night with helped them beat the Wild.
Nov 12th 2014, 9:19am EST
Monday Night Review
By Jake Schenkman Rask and the Bruins scored two late goals on Schneider in the second period to win this one. Schneider admittedly wasn't happy with his performance and there's a chance we see Kinkaid start tonight.
Nov 11th 2014, 9:56am EST
Struggling Goaltenders
I posted this on Puck Daddy earlier today, but here is a snippet relative to goaltenders. Specifically - the struggling ones Cam Ward, John Gibson, Steve Mason and Semyon Varlamov.
Oct 23rd 2014, 10:34pm EDT
Berra, Bobrovsky, and Braden
by Justin Goldman It has been a really fun start to the season when it comes to scouting backups and prospects. With 49 goalies appearing in games so far (you could say that's 19 backups), minutes have been really spread out in Week 1.
Oct 14th 2014, 2:26am EDT
On Steve Mason and Mike Smith
by Dobber For our new feature on Goalie Post, we've taken a page from DobberHockey and created a Ramblings. I'll weigh in with my thoughts, but you can also expect content from goalie expert Justin Goldman, as well as Goalie Post manager Jake (known as "smack" in the Forum).
Oct 11th 2014, 11:10am EDT
Test for the ramblings
This is a test for the ramblings. This is a test for the ramblings.
Oct 10th 2014, 11:32pm EDT