Giguere Getting 'time And Space'

Source: Ducks Blog | Feb 3rd 2009, 9:46am EST

Ducks coach Randy Carlyle said "What we're trying to do is give Giguere an opportunity to do what he has to do to get his game back. The guy is going through a huge loss in his life. He lost his father. We feel we have to give him the time and space, try to create an environment around him that allows him some time. That's the most important thing. We think this is the best route to take in this situation, and we're going to live with it."

"It's not like he's not going to play for our hockey club again. He's going to get his opportunity. Jonas Hiller has come in and given us the goaltending that's necessary to have some success here in the last little while, but we're not afraid to go back to Giguere. He knows he's going to get his opportunity. We've talked about it. We've set a plan in place, and we're going to take our approach."