Marc-Andre Fleury Set For Return

Source: Post-Gazette | Dec 16th 2008, 5:05am EST

The Pittsburgh Penguins are in a 1-4 slump and hope Fleury can bring some energy and confidence into the Locker room. Fleury is expected to start on Thursday unless something bad happens.

"The thing for me will be to just do my job. Like I can. And like I should. If I do, I'm confident the team should do all right. I want to get a couple of hard practices, make sure [the groin] holds up. I didn't get that much practice [last] week. We had lots of games."

"I can't score goals and I'm not going to go fight guys," Fleury said. "We're a team. We're going to win as a team, and we're going to lose as a team."