The LA Kings Goalie Plans

Source: Inside SoCal | Oct 17th 2008, 5:38am EDT

The plan is to stay with Jason Labarbera - he'll play and play. This is a quote straight from Rich Hammond's Blog.

Head coach Terry Murray, "You know, I had something penciled in when I was looking at the schedule in the summertime. Even through the training camp, I kind of had an idea of wanting to get Ersberg in quickly, to keep going what he did in the training camp. But right now I want to keep going with Barbs (Jason LaBarbera). He's going to play again tomorrow. I'll take a look at it as we get on the road the next couple games. We got out for two, back to back with travel. Maybe there's an opportunity for (Ersberg). But -- and I always say `but' -- if Barbs is playing like he is, and he's sharp and alert and feels good and feels fresh, he's my No. 1 goaltender and I'll keep going with him.''