DraftKings Goalie Suggestions 12/4/15

Dec 3rd 2015, 6:16pm EST

By Teri Chazau (@terichazau)

As we take a look at the matchups tonight, there are a couple interesting sets that should provide solid goaltending with the chance for some big points. Namely, PHI @ NJD and FLA @ CBJ are both a pair of teams whose defensive play of late has been supreme. While the advantage goes to the Flyers and the Panthers, respectively, both of these games are expected to be tight checking, low scoring affairs. Consequently, it\'s hard to rely on any of these goalies despite the potential for massive points. Because of the low scoring nature of these teams, confidently predicting a win for those crucial bonus points is nearly impossible.

While the Flyers and the Panthers boast the best defensive matchups, scouting a win is such a critical aspect of picking a productive DraftKings goalie. With this in mind, BOS @ CGY looks to be the game upon which to capitalize. It\'s a rare commodity to be able to take advantage of a hot team playing against a struggling one. In the past week, the Bruins have averaged a goal for every eight shots directed on net. The Flames have yielded a goal for every 7.9 shots against. Furthermore, Boston has been receiving above average goaltending while the Flames have continued to be stymied on offense. The Bruins definitely hold the most advantageous matchup of the night, and all DraftKings competitors should be looking to capitalize on that.

Regardless of who is starting for each team, the most reliable options from the perspective of team defense are as follows:

#1 ­[email protected]

#2 ­[email protected]

#3 ­[email protected]

If Michael Neuvirth gets the nod over Steve Mason for the Flyers, expect him to have a better performance than Roberto Luongo. However, given the mismatch of BOS @ CGY, this is undoubtedly the game to target. Good luck, and may the hockey gods keep your bankroll healthy.