The Starting Goalie Rating Index

Jan 26th 2012, 1:20pm EST

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Goalie Guild founder Justin Goldman is proud to announce the release of a new free daily analysis tool specifically designed to evaluate starting NHL goaltenders. This tool, which is called the Starting Goalie Rating Index (SGRI), helps poolies and hockey fans answer the age-old question, "Who should I start in goal tonight?"

Jonas Gustavsson

The SGRI is supported by two branches, which is clearly reflected in the tool's logo; statistical analysis and situational analysis. The statistical branch of the SGRI was built by goalie analyst Jason Banks, a local resident of Toronto, and a close friend of both Goldman and Darryl Dobbs from Dobber Hockey. The situational branch was built by Goldman, and is referred to as Goalie Pattern Recognition (GPR).

"One of the most difficult aspects of goalie analysis is projecting future performance," said Goldman. "This is mainly due to the intimate ties the position has to an infinite number of mental and situational factors. As a result, statistical analysis can never provide a full performance profile. But by combining a mathematical formula together with my personal methodologies of goalie pattern recognition, I'm very confident that this new tool will provide hockey fans and poolies with an in-depth and 360-degree daily goalie guide."


The foundation of the SGRI is based around the fact that no two goalies play the same way, no two goalies travel the same path, and no two goalies react to the same situation the same way. Therefore, each statistical category is treated independently from the other, then combined with Goldman\'s methods to bring the two branches together in a harmonic and well-rounded manner.

This is reflected in the SGRI logo, which is a beautiful crest of two branches surrounding a modern-medieval "G" logo.

Free to view at any time, the SGRI is updated on a daily basis by Goldman and Banks, and it provides users with a rating number (1.0 to 10.0) for each starting goaltender. The rating number equals the goalie's "strength of start" value, and then includes Goldman's hunch and daily notes, both of which provide readers with more information to help make their decisions easier. The rating number is a collection of key statistics that are weighed differently, depending on different performance factors and situations related to the specific goalie in question.

"I worked alongside Goldman to build this tool in order to help fantasy managers mathematically decipher which goalies to roster on days when they have multiple possible starters," Banks said. "It is humbling that Goldman really liked what I created, and that he's willing to publish this for everyone to utilize. I hope it helps push fantasy managers to achieve more success in their respective leagues."

The situational branch of the SGRI was created by Goldman to help him determine a goaltender\'s value on a daily basis. This is done through Goldman\'s many years of developing his mental conscious and unconscious indicators used to assess on-ice performance. Goalie Pattern Recognition (GPR) brings together the intricate worlds of biomechanics, body language, demeanor, performance expressions, and trait recognition to help determine the daily SGRI results. More information on the three components that make up GPR is available on the daily index webpage.

"The number one question asked by fantasy owners about their goaltenders is: should I start this guy, or this guy," said Dobbs, founder of Dobber Hockey. "This new tool answers those questions before they're even asked. And who better to answer it than Goldman? I wouldn't trust an important roster decision like this to anyone else."

The SGRI model, which has been in development since Goldman acquired the fantasy goalie website GoaliePost back in March of 2011, allows him to continue honing his trade on a daily basis, while benefiting his readers.

"The Goalie Guild is tied to a medieval guild in every sense of the term, so the new SGRI is made in the same image and likeness of my other premium scouting releases," Goldman said. "This is a great way for me to apply what I learn in a manner that further benefits the hockey community, while also allowing me to train and improve in the field of goalie analysis. I'm dedicated to advancing and enhancing the SGRI with more analytical features as time goes on."

To view an example of the SGRI from the lone game on January 25, please click here and feel free to use the tool when the NHL returns to action following the All-Star break.