Weekly Update: Bryzgalov, Rask, Reimer

Dec 29th 2011, 11:47am EST

Ilya Bryzgalov, Ilya Bryzgalov, everyone's talking about Ilya Bryzgalov. The world's favorite character on HBO's hit show 24/7 is giving us plenty to laugh about, and for good reason. His quips on tigers and outlook on life and the universe are a perfect example of what makes goalies so dynamic. I've seen the, "Bryzgalov is proof that all goalies are crazy…" line more in the past three weeks than I can handle, and I was just in Costa Rica for seven days.

It is my contention and opinion, however, that the show is negatively affecting his game right now, which is an issue fantasy managers need to understand. I feel his inflating ego is distracting him from playing with a clear and focused mind, mainly because way too much of the spotlight is shining in his direction.

And the brighter the light shines on a goalie in Bryzgalov's current situation, the darker the shadow.


Since the first episode of 24/7 aired on Dec. 14, Bryzgalov has gone 0-3-1, allowing 16 goals on 87 shots, which equals a brutal .816 save percentage. As he has shown over the past few seasons, when his rhythm is off, he's really bad. Even a blind man can see that he's way too passive, inattentive, unsure of his positioning, and lacking the focus to make early saves or the timely saves. And that's a pretty good reflection of his game over the past two weeks.

It is not traditional fantasy analysis to say a goalie's ego is the root of his current struggles, but it is because most analysts fail to realize the importance of the mental element that it is considered untraditional. But you all know me by now, and you all know I personally won't buy in to the fact that the reason he's so bad right now is another one of those scary Bryzgalov weak streaks.