Top-100 Keeper Prospects

Dec 3rd 2009, 3:39am EST

Over the last three months we have provided a ranking of our top-50 goalie prospects, mainly as a quality resource for our faithful following of fantasy managers. Some of my closest goalie friends have come from GoaliePost and from Dobber Hockey, for they are always looking in the right spots for the best up and coming long-term goalies for their keeper and dynasty leagues.

Jonathan Bernier

Now we are proud to launch an expanded TOP-100 PROSPECTS RANKINGS, complete with statistics and scouting notes that we can update on the fly in an interactive format similar to our popular PadsTracker feature.

Our Top-50 Rankings was created back in September when someone asked us to list our 10 favorite long-term prospects most likely to transform into elite #1 NHL goalies. From there, we decided to provide a better resource by creating a Top-50 list. And now, just a few months later, we are taking things to a whole new level with the Top-100 Rankings.

Although it has been a very tedious process getting to this point, it has also been a lot of fun and a great educational experience. Besides interacting with other goalies on The Goalie Guild, our favorite thing to do is scout and track the hundreds of prospects playing throughout North America and Europe. Every goalie that plays in junior or semi-pro leagues are quality stoppers in their own unique way.

Sometimes you see goalies that remind you of others and sometimes you see goalies that play such a rare style, you just know they are going to be legitimate NHL'ers some day. But by far the most enjoyable aspect of scouting is watching them develop over time and transform from quality puckstoppers to elite netminders.

The only major change from our Top-50 Rankings is that a prospect is now defined as any goaltender that has started 25 regulation NHL games or less. Before it was just five (5) NHL starts or less, so we have had to add in some goalies that had already graduated, including Antti Niemi, Mike McKenna, Curtis McElhinney and a few others.

Otherwise, we are so happy to have this completed and launched on the first of December. You can find updates to this list on the first of every month from here on out, and the stats compiled will be through the previous month.

For those that are considered "regulars" to The Goalie Guild, you might see a few surprises or have some questions regarding the analysis or notes alongside each player. All I can say is that I will answer any and all questions you may have, just simply leave a comment at the bottom of the rankings and we will respond with quality analysis.

For those of you that are new to The Goalie Guild, please understand that our rankings have no statistical merit whatsoever. We do not have a mathematical algorithm in place and we do not rank goalie prospects by their statistics or their draft order. We treat all goalies as equals and base our scouting reports on a personal system comprised of a number of different sources, personal contacts in the various leagues and much more.

Just so you know, some of our online sources include Goalie's World, McKeen's, ISS, Dobber Hockey, The Hockey News and more. Yes, it takes a long time to rank and file accordingly, but if you take a look around our Guild, you'll soon realize that hard work and providing a quality resource is all part of the fun!

So if you want to know more about a goalie prospect, or want to know why he's ranked at a certain number, don't hesitate to ask questions, leave comments or hey, even provide some analysis of your own. As much as we would love to be traveling every day to different cities to scout each and every one of these goalies, we can only do so much.

On a personal note, I appreciate everyone who has supported this endeavor and who have provided suggestions and comments on how to make it better. Sure enough, we already have one update to make for next month - adding the proprietary team's rights to each goalie - so you know which NHL team might own the rights to your favorite prospect!