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0607 Quickhits

Title Team Date
Nashville's Prospect Goalie
Nsh2006-09-08 01:00:00
Lalime back surgery
Chi2006-09-14 22:00:00
Kolzig in great shape
Wsh2006-09-20 22:00:00
Niittymaki torn labrum
Phi2006-09-25 22:00:00
Niittymaki Surgery put off
Phi2006-09-29 00:00:00
Gerber on his new team
Ott2006-09-30 22:00:00
Minnesota's Goalie Plans
Min2006-10-02 22:00:00
Sabourin Claimed off Waivers
Van2006-10-03 22:30:00
Phoenix Goalie Plans
Phx2006-10-03 23:00:00
Turco looking good
Dal2006-10-04 22:00:00
Philly needs more work
Phi2006-10-05 22:00:00
Pittsburgh looking strong
Pit2006-10-06 00:00:00
Battle of Ontario
Ott2006-10-06 01:00:00
Luongo making his presence felt
Van2006-10-06 04:00:00
Toronto's new goalie
Tor2006-10-06 06:00:00
Brodeur starts off early
Njd2006-10-06 07:00:00
Ottawa stands behind Gerber
Ott2006-10-06 08:00:00
Boston's Goalie Rotation
Bos2006-10-06 09:00:00
Florida missing Luongo
Fla2006-10-07 22:00:00
Anaheim's Goalies Strong
Ana2006-10-07 23:00:00
Garon or Cloutier for LA
Lak2006-10-08 00:00:00
Detroit keeping shots down
Det2006-10-08 01:00:00
Thrashers have fire power
Atl2006-10-08 06:00:00
Luongo Loses
Van2006-10-08 22:00:00
Anaheim's goalie rotation
Ana2006-10-09 22:00:00
Big things from Lehtonen
Atl2006-10-09 23:00:00
Boston going with the hot goalie
Bos2006-10-10 22:00:00
Islanders get first win
Nyi2006-10-11 22:00:00
Carolina chumps
Car2006-10-11 22:30:00
Hasek wins again
Det2006-10-11 23:00:00
Phoenix not looking so good
Phx2006-10-12 00:00:00
Niittymaki feeling good
Phi2006-10-12 01:00:00
High Scores in Hockey
Tor2006-10-12 22:00:00
Ottawa's #1 netminder
Ott2006-10-13 00:00:00
Kipper's first shutout
Cgy2006-10-13 01:00:00
Luongo use to a lot of shots
Van2006-10-13 02:00:00
Belfour looked better
Fla2006-10-14 22:00:00
Dallas working hard this season
Dal2006-10-14 22:30:00
Dipietro injured his groin
Nyi2006-10-14 23:00:00
Emery taking control
Ott2006-10-15 01:00:00
Minnesota on fire
Min2006-10-15 02:00:00
Vokoun will get better
Nsh2006-10-15 03:00:00
Dunham winning
Nyi2006-10-15 22:00:00
Bryzgalov pulled
Ana2006-10-15 23:00:00
Rangers backup Weekes weak
Nyr2006-10-16 06:00:00
Brodeur looking for 450th win
Njd2006-10-16 22:00:00
Tampa's Goalie need work
Tbl2006-10-16 23:00:00
Luongo getting better
Van2006-10-17 00:00:00
Osgood gets first win
Det2006-10-17 03:00:00
Big expectation for Roloson
Edm2006-10-17 03:30:00
Turco very strong so far
Dal2006-10-17 04:00:00
Esche looks tired already
Phi2006-10-17 22:00:00
Nabokov likely starter
Sjs2006-10-17 23:00:00
Florida goalie troubles
Fla2006-10-18 22:00:00
Brodeur gets 450th win
Njd2006-10-18 23:00:00
Budaj looking strong for Colorado
Col2006-10-19 00:00:00
Kolzig continues strong play
Wsh2006-10-19 01:00:00
Vokoun's value way up
Nsh2006-10-19 02:00:00
Clemmensen gets a rare start
Njd2006-10-19 22:00:00
Denis getting many chances
Tbl2006-10-19 23:00:00
Garon making waves in LA
Lak2006-10-20 00:00:00
Mason the strongest backup
Nsh2006-10-20 03:00:00
Joey MacDonald get in a game
Det2006-10-20 04:00:00
Eddie earns first win
Fla2006-10-20 22:00:00
Ducks flying
Ana2006-10-20 23:00:00
Buffalo stronger than ever
Buf2006-10-21 00:00:00
Turco out to prove something
Dal2006-10-21 01:00:00
Brodeur pulled in embarrassing loss
Njd2006-10-21 22:00:00
Kings goalie plans
Lak2006-10-21 23:00:00
Dipietro returns from injury
Nyi2006-10-22 01:00:00
Fernandez looking very strong
Min2006-10-22 03:00:00
Sanford earned additional start
Stl2006-10-22 05:00:00
Dallas backup comes up big
Dal2006-10-22 07:00:00
Theodore horrible in return to Montreal
Col2006-10-22 08:00:00
Boston Goalies look shaky
Bos2006-10-22 09:00:00
Giguere still strong in net
Ana2006-10-22 22:00:00
Khabibulin's broken finger
Chi2006-10-22 23:00:00
Auld & Belfour chasing #1
Fla2006-10-23 22:00:00
Budaj vying for #1 in Colorado
Col2006-10-24 03:30:00
LA goalies another bad night
Lak2006-10-24 03:40:00
Thomas looks to start
Bos2006-10-24 06:10:00
San Jose's goalie rotation working
Sjs2006-10-24 09:30:00
Turco on top of his game
Dal2006-10-24 10:10:00
Lehtonen showing vigor
Atl2006-10-24 22:00:00
Raycroft undisputed #1
Tor2006-10-24 22:30:00
Belfour continues career longevity
Fla2006-10-25 22:00:00
Chicago needs teamwork
Chi2006-10-25 22:00:00
Fernandez hot streak
Min2006-10-26 00:00:00
Luongo looking at great numbers this season
Van2006-10-26 00:00:00
Phoenix earns first win
Phx2006-10-26 22:00:00
Phoenix mixes it up
Phx2006-10-26 22:00:00
Three Straight for Manny
Min2006-10-27 22:00:00
Columbus: things don't change
Cbj2006-10-27 23:00:00
Aubin earns first win
Tor2006-10-28 23:00:00
Bryzgalov backup
Ana2006-10-28 23:00:00
Boston's Thomas looking comfortable
Bos2006-10-28 23:40:00
Shutout wars
Njd2006-10-29 01:00:00
Denis trade still up in the air
Tbl2006-10-29 01:00:00
Fleury playing and improving
Pit2006-10-29 03:00:00
Phoenix aiming low
Phx2006-10-29 03:30:00
Sabres lose. Get ready for another winning streak
Buf2006-10-29 05:00:00
Philly needs a change
Phi2006-10-29 07:00:00
Roloson earns shutout
Edm2006-10-29 11:00:00
Theodore can still perform
Col2006-10-29 22:00:00
Kings goalie race slowing down
Lak2006-10-30 22:00:00
Flyers win, Flyers win
Phi2006-10-30 22:45:00
Kiprusoff struggles
Cgy2006-10-31 02:00:00
Chicago needs scoring touch
Chi2006-10-31 22:00:00
Sharks Toskala and Nabokov on fire
Sjs2006-10-31 22:00:00
15 year man under .500
Nyi2006-10-31 23:00:00
Detroit Detroit's strong 'D
Det2006-11-01 22:00:00
Lehtonen: Foot-in-mouth
Atl2006-11-01 22:00:00
Theodore #1 ?
Col2006-11-01 22:00:00
Ward looking better
Car2006-11-02 00:00:00
Rangers backup wins
Nyr2006-11-02 01:00:00
Eagle gets revenge
Fla2006-11-02 22:00:00
Dipietro signing may work out
Nyi2006-11-02 22:00:00
Tampa's BU playing strong
Tbl2006-11-02 22:00:00
Cristobal Huet earns shutout
Mtl2006-11-02 23:00:00
Weekes gets back-2-back duty
Nyr2006-11-03 02:00:00
Anaheim's backup better than most starters
Ana2006-11-03 22:00:00
Calgary's backup finally plays
Cgy2006-11-03 22:00:00
Hedberg earns first win
Atl2006-11-03 23:30:00
Joseph pulled, Phoenix needs help
Phx2006-11-04 00:00:00
Philly in trouble?
Phi2006-11-04 22:00:00
Fernandez in a funk
Min2006-11-04 22:00:00
Buffalo slowing down
Buf2006-11-04 22:45:00
Goalies, Goalies, Goalies
Lak2006-11-04 23:00:00
Gerber gets short end of stick
Ott2006-11-05 03:00:00
Atlanta goalie news
Atl2006-11-05 05:00:00
Kolzig not playing in b2b's
Wsh2006-11-05 06:00:00
Leclaire's poor play continues
Cbj2006-11-05 08:00:00
Toronto Beats Buffalo
Tor2006-11-05 13:00:00
Boston Goalie wreaking your stats
Bos2006-11-05 14:00:00
Biron playing for next season too
Buf2006-11-05 22:00:00
Rangers' owners don't panic
Nyr2006-11-05 23:30:00
Emery injured
Ott2006-11-06 22:00:00
Khabibulin return delayed
Chi2006-11-06 22:45:00
Hedberg playing well for Atlanta
Atl2006-11-06 23:00:00
Kolzig pulled in unusual
Wsh2006-11-07 03:00:00
Thibault finally starts a game
Pit2006-11-07 03:30:00
Luongo works out bugs
Van2006-11-07 04:00:00
Niittymaki adds to losing streak
Phi2006-11-07 06:00:00
Toivonen sent to minors
Bos2006-11-07 09:00:00
Emery's injured wrist
Ott2006-11-07 22:00:00
Nabokov at .500
Sjs2006-11-07 23:00:00
Theodore's poor play continues
Col2006-11-08 00:00:00
Emery may return soon
Ott2006-11-08 22:00:00
Gerber 2-6-1 this season
Ott2006-11-08 22:00:00
Pittsburgh loses a a close one
Pit2006-11-08 23:30:00
Detroit continues strong defense
Det2006-11-09 01:00:00
Holmqvist taking over for Denis
Tbl2006-11-09 03:00:00
Lundqvist Returns
Nyr2006-11-09 06:00:00
Roloson one game at a time
Edm2006-11-09 10:00:00
Biron to the desert
Buf2006-11-09 22:00:00
Chicago still not winning
Chi2006-11-09 23:00:00
Giguere still unbeaten
Ana2006-11-10 01:00:00
Joseph returning to stellar play?
Phx2006-11-10 03:00:00
St. Louis need to help their goalie
Stl2006-11-10 06:00:00
Raycroft injures groin
Tor2006-11-10 07:00:00
Another goalie pulled in Boston
Bos2006-11-10 08:00:00
Turco earns first shutout this season
Dal2006-11-10 09:00:00
Ward glad to be in November
Car2006-11-10 11:00:00
Chicago finally earns a W
Chi2006-11-10 22:00:00
Detroit 2 straight shutouts
Det2006-11-10 23:00:00
Kipper pickin up steam
Cgy2006-11-11 00:00:00
Roloson earning his money
Edm2006-11-11 00:00:00
Huet to start next two games
Mtl2006-11-11 22:00:00
Aubin playing for now
Tor2006-11-12 02:00:00
Nabokov day-to-day with stiff neck
Sjs2006-11-12 02:00:00
Nashville has two great goalies
Nsh2006-11-12 19:00:00
Backstrom proving himself
Min2006-11-12 22:00:00
St. Louis ends losing streak
Stl2006-11-12 22:00:00
Chicago goalies situation unresolved
Chi2006-11-13 00:00:00
Toivonen's troubles continue
Bos2006-11-13 00:00:00
Norrena gets start over Denis
Cbj2006-11-13 02:00:00
Biron winning, but struggling
Buf2006-11-13 22:00:00
Roloson turning it around
Edm2006-11-13 22:00:00
Chicago a little wiser
Chi2006-11-13 23:00:00
Kolzig hot now
Wsh2006-11-14 03:00:00
Niittymaki and Flyers looking like minor league team
Phi2006-11-14 05:00:00
Kiprusoff streaking
Cgy2006-11-14 22:00:00
Luongo's struggles continue
Van2006-11-14 23:00:00
Sanford strains groin
Stl2006-11-15 00:00:00
Boston's Goalie shuffle
Bos2006-11-15 01:00:00
Brion's loss
Buf2006-11-15 22:00:00
Denis' losing streak
Tbl2006-11-15 23:00:00
Aubin to start in place of injured Raycroft
Tor2006-11-15 23:45:00
Dipietro strong for Isles
Nyi2006-11-16 01:00:00
Emery returns from wrist injury
Ott2006-11-16 03:00:00
Flyers score in bunches
Phi2006-11-16 04:00:00
Giguere a little tired?
Ana2006-11-16 05:00:00
Vancouver's Luongo could get a night off soon
Van2006-11-16 06:00:00
Miller at least a week away
Buf2006-11-16 07:00:00
Sanford's won't play Friday
Stl2006-11-16 08:00:00
Theodore streaky at best
Col2006-11-16 09:00:00
Boston could get hot after struggles
Bos2006-11-16 10:00:00
Toivonen to remain in minors for two games
Bos2006-11-16 11:00:00
Montreal's goalie rotation
Mtl2006-11-16 22:00:00
Miller set to return
Buf2006-11-16 23:00:00
Edmonton movin' on up
Edm2006-11-17 00:00:00
Budaj earns shutout, ends streak
Col2006-11-17 22:00:00
Grahame earns first win
Car2006-11-18 01:00:00
Blue Jackets struggle
Cbj2006-11-18 03:00:00
Lehtonen needs consistency
Atl2006-11-18 05:00:00
Budaj given opportunity
Col2006-11-18 22:00:00
Cloutier settling in
Lak2006-11-19 02:00:00
Gerber may sit more and more
Ott2006-11-19 03:00:00
Huet playing well of late
Mtl2006-11-19 05:30:00
LeNeveu still needs time
Phx2006-11-19 05:45:00
Miller a bit rusty
Buf2006-11-19 06:45:00
Boston Goalie plans
Bos2006-11-19 07:15:00
Vokoun hitting stride
Nsh2006-11-19 10:45:00
Cristobal to start Wednesday
Mtl2006-11-19 22:00:00
Lundqvist staying above .500
Nyr2006-11-19 23:00:00
Vancouver coming together as a team
Van2006-11-20 02:00:00
Sabourin to start a game
Van2006-11-20 02:00:00
Toivonen staying in AHL for a week or so
Bos2006-11-20 05:00:00
Florida goalie rotation
Fla2006-11-20 22:00:00
Vokoun streaking
Nsh2006-11-20 22:12:00
Dallas backup earns win
Dal2006-11-21 03:30:00
Denis doesn't show up
Tbl2006-11-21 04:00:00
Raycroft returns in win
Tor2006-11-21 08:00:00
Thomas seeing stars
Bos2006-11-21 08:15:00
Lundqvist gets his first 'O
Nyr2006-11-22 00:00:00
Sanford back on the ice
Stl2006-11-22 05:11:00
Kipper loses the battle of Alberta
Cgy2006-11-22 05:12:00
Osgood out for extended time
Det2006-11-22 06:00:00
Emery's wrist still acting up
Ott2006-11-22 06:21:00
Backstrom gets surprise start
Min2006-11-22 22:00:00
Bryzgalov injures groin
Ana2006-11-22 22:00:00
Hedberg gets another start
Atl2006-11-23 01:00:00
Backup earns another shutout
Dal2006-11-23 02:45:00
Thomas pulled again
Bos2006-11-23 22:00:00
Vokoun day-to-day
Nsh2006-11-24 06:00:00
Backstrom earns first career shutout
Min2006-11-24 22:00:00
Turco may get a game in as starter again
Dal2006-11-24 22:00:00
Thibault winless still
Pit2006-11-25 00:00:00
Philly wins over Blue Jackets
Phi2006-11-25 02:00:00
Washington needs work on defense
Wsh2006-11-25 05:00:00
Khabibulin get one period break
Chi2006-11-25 06:00:00
Vokoun out two+ weeks
Nsh2006-11-25 10:00:00
Ottawa ends streak for Emery
Ott2006-11-26 00:15:00
Holmqvist hot hot hot
Tbl2006-11-26 06:36:00
Anaheim goalie troubles
Ana2006-11-26 07:00:00
Lehtonen stole the game from Florida
Atl2006-11-26 15:00:00
TB Goalies 1 & 1A
Tbl2006-11-27 22:32:00
Toivonen running out of time
Bos2006-11-28 05:56:00
Markkanen a bit sore
Edm2006-11-28 06:00:00
Tellqvist traded to the desert
Phx2006-11-28 06:00:00
Brodeur not happy with record
Njd2006-11-29 22:00:00
Ottawa may start goalie rotation
Ott2006-11-29 23:45:00
Esche probably happy he's not losing
Phi2006-11-30 00:00:00
Mason taking over for Vokoun
Nsh2006-11-30 03:18:00
LeNeveu sent to Minors
Phx2006-11-30 04:12:00
Garon has slight groin injury
Lak2006-11-30 06:00:00
Florida still flip-flopping
Fla2006-11-30 22:00:00
LA Kings going with third string goalie
Lak2006-11-30 23:00:00
Denis and Holmqvist battle
Tbl2006-12-01 00:00:00
Emery's Fantasy Value thru the roof
Ott2006-12-01 01:00:00
Lehtonen finally picking up steam
Atl2006-12-01 02:00:00
We messed up in your favour
Edm2006-12-01 03:00:00
Dallas' Smith didn't play well
Dal2006-12-01 04:00:00
Thomas on a roll
Bos2006-12-01 06:00:00
Joseph has flu, Tellqvist may start
Phx2006-12-02 00:00:00
Osgood's status still up in the air
Det2006-12-02 01:00:00
Sanford's return, to IR
Stl2006-12-02 02:00:00
Theodore injures hip
Col2006-12-02 03:00:00
Those pesky groin injuries
Ana2006-12-02 22:00:00
Tampa Bay's goalie issues
Tbl2006-12-02 23:00:00
Norrena earns first career shutout
Cbj2006-12-03 01:00:00
Sanford's injury update
Stl2006-12-03 02:00:00
Roloson comes alive
Edm2006-12-04 22:00:00
Theodore's injury minor
Col2006-12-04 23:00:00
Turco up and down again this season
Dal2006-12-05 00:00:00
Calgary wins again with Kipper
Cgy2006-12-06 01:00:00
Norrena making a strong case for another start
Cbj2006-12-06 06:00:00
Brodeur mad, sends email
Njd2006-12-06 22:00:00
Chicago's backup goalie status
Chi2006-12-07 02:30:00
Giguere the unstoppable
Ana2006-12-07 03:00:00
Turco's slump over? We hope so
Dal2006-12-07 03:00:00
Legace out indefinitely
Stl2006-12-07 09:00:00
Another Shutout for New Jersey
Njd2006-12-08 22:00:00
Roloson with back-to-back shutouts
Edm2006-12-08 23:00:00
Toivonen sent down again
Bos2006-12-09 22:00:00
Leclaire down again
Cbj2006-12-10 22:00:00
Toivonen back to the big leagues
Bos2006-12-10 22:00:00
Osgood has cast removed
Det2006-12-10 23:00:00
Leclaire to miss a week or so
Cbj2006-12-12 00:00:00
Rangers coach has gone crazy
Nyr2006-12-12 22:00:00
Esche to return, even if he doesn't want to
Phi2006-12-13 22:00:00
Bryzgalov sitting out still
Ana2006-12-15 23:00:00
Legace to return shortly
Stl2006-12-16 04:30:00
No definite return for Philly goalie
Phi2006-12-16 05:00:00
Leclaire spending time on the ice
Cbj2006-12-17 22:00:00
Osgood ready for return
Det2006-12-18 06:00:00
Cloutier eyeing return
Lak2006-12-18 22:00:00
Bryzgalov still aways away
Ana2006-12-19 00:00:00
Esche expected to practice
Phi2006-12-19 02:00:00
Garon's progress
Lak2006-12-19 06:00:00
Leclaire feeling pressure to perform
Cbj2006-12-22 22:00:00
Giguere could be injured
Ana2006-12-26 22:00:00
Vokoun could start practicing
Nsh2006-12-26 22:00:00
Leclaire out 4-6 weeks
Cbj2006-12-26 23:00:00
Caron Traded to Ducks
Dal2006-12-28 22:00:00
Auld to get some ice time
Fla2007-01-02 22:00:00
Cloutier update, sort of
Lak2007-01-03 22:00:00
Niittymaki set to return
Phi2007-01-03 23:00:00
Predators goalie rotation
Nsh2007-01-04 04:00:00
Detroit making starting goalies difficult
Det2007-01-04 22:00:00
Sanford on conditioning assignment
Stl2007-01-09 22:00:00
Johnson has minor injury
Wsh2007-02-02 22:00:00
Nabokov update
Sjs2007-02-02 23:00:00
Esche's injury riddled season continues
Phi2007-02-05 22:00:00
Fernandez out up to three weeks
Min2007-02-06 00:00:00
Kolzig out at least three weeks
Wsh2007-02-11 22:00:00
Rangers backup out with strained quad
Nyr2007-02-13 22:00:00
Boucher now a Blue Jacket
Cbj2007-02-26 22:00:00
Biron traded to Flyers
Buf2007-02-26 23:00:00
Conklin traded to Buffalo
Buf2007-02-27 00:00:00
Canadiens grab Leighton
Mtl2007-02-27 01:00:00
Schaefer sent to Pittsburgh
Pit2007-02-27 02:00:00
Leighton probably won't play
Mtl2007-02-28 22:00:00
Legace skates; return doubtful
Stl2007-03-07 22:00:00
Tampa Bay Lightning Starter
Tbl2007-04-10 06:28:35
Nashville Starter
Nsh2007-04-10 06:31:30
Dipietro Still Out
Nyi2007-04-10 06:43:09
Ranger's Goalie Situation
Nyr2007-04-10 06:51:45
Marc Denis will Sit
Tbl2007-04-11 03:06:07
Jean-Sebastien Giguere Backup Goalie
Ana2007-04-12 01:56:13
Luongo Stops 72 Shots
Van2007-04-12 02:02:04
Fleury Pulled in first Playoff Game
Pit2007-04-12 02:06:19
Giguere or Bryzgalov
Ana2007-04-13 01:53:09
Dipietro cleared to play
Nyi2007-04-13 01:58:27
Hedberg will start next game
Atl2007-04-13 07:33:04
Fleury to play again
Pit2007-04-13 07:34:30
Holmqvist expected next game
Tbl2007-04-13 07:36:32
Dipietro Arrives in style
Nyi2007-04-14 04:05:31
Giguere given extra time
Ana2007-04-15 09:13:34
Bryzgalov wins again
Ana2007-04-15 17:11:08
Thrasher Lehtonen will start Game Three
Atl2007-04-17 06:52:22
Bryzgalov Pulled
Ana2007-04-18 02:22:30
Patrick Lalime get one more year
Chi2007-04-19 05:14:46
McLennan 5 game suspension
Cgy2007-04-22 13:42:16
Emery to Play
Ott2007-04-25 03:25:43
Hannu Toivonen re-signed
Bos2007-04-29 02:53:04
Boston's Goalie Depth
Bos2007-05-07 02:03:02
Dubielewicz earns one-year
Nyi2007-05-08 05:08:11
Holmqvist staying in TB
Tbl2007-05-20 05:03:17
Ward gets new contract
Car2007-05-31 05:00:34
Ducks win Cup
Ana2007-06-06 20:49:58