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September 11, 2015

Big announcement! For the first time ever, Goalie Post is offering FREE email notifications. Yep. FREE. No typo there.

If you have an account at DobberHockey, simply login via the menu above and then go to 'Email Updates'. In there...    read more

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Probable Goalies

Tomorrow's Goalies

Last update: October 5th @ 7:46pm UTC Order by: Game TimesLast UpdatedProbability

Tomorrow's Suggested Goalies

Carey Price
Probable @ 3:31pm UTC - Sep 22nd
Schedule date: 2015-10-07
Jonathan Bernier
Firm @ 4:35pm UTC - Oct 5th
Schedule date: 2015-10-07
Oct 5th
Bernier starts on Wednesday. And Friday. (James Mirtle)

Henrik Lundqvist
Probable @ 2:42pm UTC - Sep 22nd
Schedule date: 2015-10-07
Corey Crawford
Probable @ 2:42pm UTC - Sep 22nd
Schedule date: 2015-10-07

Ryan Miller
Probable @ 4:36pm UTC - Oct 5th
Schedule date: 2015-10-07
Karri Ramo
Firm @ 5:30pm UTC - Oct 5th
Schedule date: 2015-10-07
Oct 5th
Karri Ramo starts for Flames Wednesday vs Canucks. (Roger Millions)

Martin Jones
Firm @ 7:46pm UTC - Oct 5th
Schedule date: 2015-10-07
Oct 5th
Martin Jones is your opening night starter vs. #LAKings, DeBoer makes it official. (Kevin Kurz)
Oct 5th
No question it will be Martin Jones (starting). (Kevin Kurz)
Jonathan Quick
@ 3:31pm UTC - Sep 22nd
Schedule date: 2015-10-07

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