NHL Start of the Season Notes

By Jake Schenkman

Just a few thoughts of mine on some goalies this season:

I like what Carolina has done as a team the past year but I don't understand the logic in going back to the combo of Ward/Lack this year after what they saw last year. I get bringing Lack back for th...    read more

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- Philadelphia / Winnipeg / Carolina / Buffalo tandem? Which to go? (Oct 21 4:54pm EDT)
- Is Markstrom for Real? (Oct 21 2:05pm EDT)
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-Smith Injured, Domingue In
-Quick on IR, Budaj Likely Recalled
-McElhinney Out For The Season
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Arizona NY Islanders 7:00 PM ET
Chicago Columbus 7:00 PM ET
Nashville Detroit 7:30 PM ET

1st B2B game 2nd B2B game

Montreal Boston 7:00 PM ET
Carolina Philadelphia 7:00 PM ET
Toronto Chicago 7:00 PM ET
Colorado Florida 7:00 PM ET
San Jose Detroit 7:00 PM ET
Minnesota New Jersey 7:00 PM ET
NY Rangers Washington 7:00 PM ET
Tampa Bay Ottawa 7:00 PM ET
Columbus Dallas 8:00 PM ET
Pittsburgh Nashville 8:00 PM ET
St. Louis Calgary 10:00 PM ET
Vancouver Los Angeles 10:00 PM ET

1st B2B game 2nd B2B game

Probable Goalies

Tomorrow's Goalies

Last update: October 21st @ 4:55pm EDT Order by: Game TimesLast UpdatedProbability
Louis Domingue (0-2-0)
SV%: 0.767 GAA: 11.21
Confirmed @ 10:37pm EDT - Oct 20th
Schedule date: 2016-10-21
Oct 20th
Domingue will start tomorrow vs. #Islanders. Tippett pulled him tonight to change momentum and with back-to-back in mind. (Sarah McLellan)

Jaroslav Halak (1-2-0)
SV%: 0.901 GAA: 3.03
Confirmed @ 10:56am EDT
Schedule date: 2016-10-21
10:56amCappy: Halak in net tonight. Same forwards as Tuesday. Pulock in for Leddy. (@NYIslanders)
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Corey Crawford (1-2-0)
SV%: 0.884 GAA: 3.41
Confirmed @ 10:08pm EDT - Oct 20th
Schedule date: 2016-10-21
Oct 20th
Crawford starts. (Tracey Myers)

Sergei Bobrovsky (0-2-0)
SV%: 0.904 GAA: 3.59
Confirmed @ 10:58am EDT
Schedule date: 2016-10-21
10:58amSergei Bobrovsky will start vs. #Blackhawks. Torts won't commit to who starts in Dallas tomorrow. (Mark Scheig)
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Pekka Rinne (1-1-0)
SV%: 0.934 GAA: 2.04
Likely @ 4:07pm EDT
Schedule date: 2016-10-21
4:07pmPekka Rinne should start. (Adam Vingan)

Petr Mrazek (1-2-0)
SV%: 0.913 GAA: 3.03
Confirmed @ 11:25am EDT
Schedule date: 2016-10-21
11:24amMrazek will start in goal. (Detroit Red Wings)
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