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Goalie Post Ramblings
November 4 Goalie Ramblings

Just a few ramblings and notes from around the league:

We will start off in Calgary where they are a mess in net. Hiller is gone for at least another few days and Ramo has called up from the dead and started the last two games where he's gi...    read more

Toronto Winnipeg 7:30 PM ET
NY Rangers NY Islanders 8:00 PM ET
Boston Edmonton 9:30 PM ET
Tampa Bay Anaheim 10:30 PM ET

1st B2B game 2nd B2B game

Colorado NY Rangers 7:00 PM ET
New Jersey Carolina 7:00 PM ET
Washington Montreal 7:30 PM ET
Chicago Ottawa 7:30 PM ET
Arizona Detroit 7:30 PM ET
Florida Nashville 8:00 PM ET
Toronto Minnesota 8:00 PM ET
Dallas Vancouver 10:00 PM ET

1st B2B game 2nd B2B game

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Probable Goalies

Tomorrow's Goalies

Last update: December 2nd @ 12:00am EST Order by: Game TimesLast UpdatedProbability
Garret Sparks
SV%: 1.0000
Likely @ 9:01am EST - Dec 1st
Schedule date: 2015-12-02
Dec 1st
Hard to imagine Reimer will be ready to play on Wednesday. He didn't take part in skate this morning and Leafs are not practicing tomorrow. (Jonas Siegel)
Dec 1st
Mike Babcock says if James Reimer can't play, Garret Sparks will start again in Winnipeg on Wednesday. (Jonas Siegel)
Connor Hellebuyck
SV%: 0.9333
@ 9:00am EST - Dec 1st
Schedule date: 2015-12-02

Henrik Lundqvist
SV%: 0.9351
@ 9:00am EST - Dec 1st
Schedule date: 2015-12-02
Jaroslav Halak
SV%: 0.9214
@ 9:00am EST - Dec 1st
Schedule date: 2015-12-02

Tuukka Rask
SV%: 0.8989
@ 9:00am EST - Dec 1st
Schedule date: 2015-12-02
Cam Talbot
SV%: 0.8886
@ 9:00am EST - Dec 1st
Schedule date: 2015-12-02

Ben Bishop
SV%: 0.9260
@ 9:00am EST - Dec 1st
Schedule date: 2015-12-02
John Gibson
SV%: 0.9364
Likely @ 3:24pm EST - Dec 1st
Schedule date: 2015-12-02
Dec 1st
Boudreau also said Andersen will not be ready for tomorrow night's game. (Anaheim Ducks)

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