Top 100 Keeper Goalies

Hey all! Dobber's Top 100 Keeper Goalies are up now! Soon to follow at

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- Rask or Bishop. (Sep 21 10:56am EDT)
- Dobber top 100 Goalies (Sep 21 10:44am EDT)
- Halak vs Greiss Who wins the Gig? (Sep 21 10:30am EDT)
- Smart tender move?(will rep) (Sep 21 6:42am EDT)
- Holtby, Price, Murray or Bobrovsky? (Sep 20 10:02pm EDT)
- Goalie dilema (Sep 20 7:19pm EDT)
-Halak sharp in preseason opener
-Smith has rough first outing
-Rask to range more?
-Top 100 Keeper League Goalies - September 2017
-Top 100 Keeper League Goaltenders - April 2017
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